Sunday, November 9, 2008


Emily and I decided to spend a day in Portland so that we could pick up a coffee table we found on Craigslist later that night.  We drove to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) to check it out.  It was very similar to the Boston Science Museum and there were a lot of exhibits for kids to have hands on learning experiences.  It would be a fantastic place to bring Ellie when she gets a little older.   For dinner we went to PF Changs in downtown Portland for a fantastic meal with cocktails.  

When we headed out of town and arrived to pick up the coffee table we were extremely disappointed when we saw it.  It was massive and way too 
big for our main room.  We thanked the guy and started driving home.  I pulled over briefly into a parking lot to check craigslist again on my iphone for any other possibilities and found a great one but there was no number listed so I left an email saying to call us back in the next 15 minutes before we head back to Corvallis.  After waiting about 10 minutes I started up my truck to head home and the phone rang.  Unbelievable the woman selling the table had just sat down to check her email for the night and told us to come over.  After a quick 10 minute drive we were picking up our new coffee table which is shown in the photo here.  We love it and it works out great in our room.   

P.S. I love my Iphone!

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