Saturday, November 15, 2008


Emily's friend Rachel had two extra tickets to the game so Emily and I decided to tag along.  I had to work at 5:30pm so I only drank a few beers and stopped at half time.  It was a beautiful day out and pretty warm for mid November.  On the way to the stadium we stopped by my office and dropped off some of our stuff while also having a few drinks.  Across the street from the Geo building I also caught up with Doug Degrosse from Watershed Sciences who shared some sliced 
marinated steak with me (he's a great cook).  The stadium was absolutely packed.  I believe the announcer said it was a new stadium record, probably because it was also Dad's Weekend for OSU.  The mascot for CAL (a bear) looked ridiculous and nothing like a bear.  

At half time we all walked back to where we tail-gaiting before the game with some of Rachel's parents friends.  At the game I also met Stephanie who works with Emily and her 
boyfriend Brandon as well as several of her other co-workers.  
With about 2 minutes left in the game and us holding the lead I started my run from the stadium back to my office for my longboard so
I could get to work.  Halfway to my office on my jog I heard the fireworks announcing our win.  I was only 10 minutes late to work which wasn't bad at all seeing that I easily beat the crowds to the restaurant.  The funniest picture I got all afternoon was that of a fan ironically wearing a Ruby Tuesday's shirt being put into a cruiser by 3 state police officers.  I still have to blow it up and bring it into work.  

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