Sunday, February 22, 2009

Seafood and Wine Festival in Newport

After dragging our asses out of bed hungover after Hodak's party last night Emily and I drove to Newport with Kevin and Alexa. Kevin and Alexa are our new housemates (other side of our duplex). Alexa works at Watershed Sciences with me and Kevin is her awesome boyfriend. On a really weird "It's a small world" side note Alexa's cousin Evan Dewhirst was pretty much my best friend and roomate for 2 years at Bowdoin College. Alexa and Kevin are from Florida and now we are all in Oregon. So that connects 3 corners of the country (Maine, Florida, and Oregon). Kevin even wears a pop-top ring that Evan designed and marketed after college. What a coincidence!

Alexa drove us to the coast in her Fit (The Fit is Go!). It was
a rough ride of corners for me and I almost felt like puking several times! At the wine festival it cost us 5$ to get in and we got a wine glass to use for tasting. Each tasting was 1$ to 2$ and there were booths of seafood as well (although the oyster shooters weren't that big). We each dropped about 40 bucks tasting wine and then
another 10-20 in yummy seafood. It was costly but we all had a great time. One of the best wineries was Naked Winery with wine names such as Penetration Cabernet... which was actually really good. That booth was getting a lot of attention at the show. I'd bet there were over 60
different wineries at the show and we had time to only visit a small percentage of them. Kevin and Alexa bought a couple bottles but Emily and I returned empty handed.

Before we returned home we stopped by Agate beach to walk around the rocks and check out the critters as well as the beautiful Pacific. It was a very relaxing day and when we returned home we got to dog sit McKenzie for the evening who we always enjoy seeing.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hodak comes home!

This weekend Hodak returned to Corvallis in usual fashion... with a keg party at our place. I cancelled a planned trip to Mt. Hoodoo with Doug so that Emily and I could throw Hodak a reunion kegger at our place with her favorite beer PBR that Anna picked up for the party. I bought some wood for the stove to keep us all warm and John Stevenson brought over a flip cup table. The party started around 8pm and wasn't over until about 3am when I pulled out the bed for Hodak who had long since passed out earlier on the couch next to Jed. Emily and I had gone out and bought a big blue tarp to throw up over our patio in case of rain and we are glad we did as it started to pour late that evening. Everyone was kept dry under the tarp except for Levi and John who decided to shotgun beers shirtless in the rain! On our 52" tv I took the time to put a slideshow up of the best photos from the "Hodak Days" in Corvallis which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Hodak had to catch her flight the next morning. Emily and I found a note thanking us and telling us how messed up she was for her flight home... ha, typical Hodak fashion. I miss Hodak a lot. She was the life of the party here and everyone misses her. I was super happy that Emily and I were able to throw a really fun party for her.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Finally caught one of the two cute little mice we have in our last night. I plugged up it's little escape hole into the wall and then lunged for it twisting my knee. I caught it underneath our microwave safe container which has holes so it could breathe. In the morning I forgot to move my truck so Emily had to wake me up. I showed her the mouse quickly and then picked it up and put it on the table by slipping my OSU program pages underneath the bowl and scooping the critter up. I then went back to sleep.

2 hours later when I woke up I found that the mouse had chewed my program to pieces and made a little nest for itself in the bowl with my program schedule I had taken time to put together... whoops... payback from the mouse I guess. I then tried to dump it into my nalgene and it launched out at me instead forcing me to dive after it once again. Finally, I got the little squeeker into a friggin' nalgene and walked it down 25th street to deposit into an old couch behind one of the frats... I thought it was funny but now I worry more about the mouse getting a disease from the frats rather than vice versa!