Sunday, March 22, 2009

Black Butte Ranch & Hoodoo with Doug

Emily and I finally got to ski with my buddy Doug from Watershed Sciences. We went up to Hoodoo with him and stayed two nights at his family's house at Black Butte Ranch (the house is friggin' amazing). We spent Friday night watching the 80's ski movie Hot Dog which seemed to me an equal mixture of naked women and skiing. Emily found it amusing. It was demo day at Hoodoo on Saturday so Emily was able to try a pair of fat twin tips and I was able to try a pair of reverse camber Line EP Pro's that I've been looking at. Emily loved her fat skis and since then has decided to completely revamp her ski setup with an AT setup and fat skis. The Lines I tried were super fat (twice as fat as my current powder boards) but the reverse camber in the tails washed out easily in the wet powder of the rainy day and I think I ended up twisting my knee from it. I definitely want a pair of powder boards but I'm thinking more along the line of the Pontoons which don't have much reverse camber in the tails. It rained part of the day and after being soaked for several hours we all left the resort and headed to the Sisters to pick up some local beef for BBQ'n back at Black Butte Ranch. Doug knows how to cook meat better than anyone I've ever met so I picked up two big sirloins for just myself as well as two others for Doug and Emily. We literally ate so much food my stomach felt like it was going to burst. It was so relaxing chillin' in his hot tub and watching ski movies all night after a long wet day of skiing. I definitely would love to head back there sometime with him to make use of the house again, perhaps even for some golf or hiking in the summer time.

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