Saturday, March 14, 2009

Corvallis Wine Walk

It was pouring rain today in the mountains so Emily and I decided to stay in town and go to the Wine Walk with Kevin and Jason Killian. During this yearly event wineries come to town and give out tastings at tables set up within all the local businesses. This is such a great idea because it brings people town and money to local businesses that need it in this terrible economy. You bring your own wine glass and the tastings are about a buck each which is even better then the Newport Wine festival. We walked around town from about 5 to 7 which wasn't nearly long enough to try the 30+ vendors that were there. Afterwards we all met up with heather and her friends at the sushi restaurant for dinner. Although it poured rain heavily the entire time it was refreshing to see how cool Corvallis can be once again. I think it made Emily love this town and part of the country even more. :)

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