Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Emily's Soccer Skills

Emily is definitely the best girl soccer player I’ve ever seen and I’m super stoked that she has been able to keep it up even after moving out to Oregon. She is a natural athlete and thankfully we have a lot of friends who love to play soccer out here as well as a great summer and indoor leagues. The teams that I know best are comprised of my old COAS buddies called the “Banana Grabbing Turf Monkeys” and all of my Watershed Sciences friends and their ancient forestry team called “Burn & Salvage” in which Colin and Mischa are key team members. The ugly truth about all of the soccer teams though is that each are always desperate for girl players as there aren’t that many making my girlfriend Emily a very sought after player, especially with her skills. Since she has been playing over this past year everyone tells me all the time what a great player she is and through soccer she has actually been able to hang out with my friends more than I have due to my schedule and many jobs. Tonight I was able to head out to Willamette Park to get some video of her and Burn & Salvage on the field. This was her 3rd game of the night and she was tired but was still able to score several goals helping her team to victory over another Forestry-led team from OSU.

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