Sunday, June 14, 2009

End of School BBQ

Tonight Emily and I threw an end of the year BBQ with Alexa (Kevin is at sea). It worked out perfectly as Watershed Sciences had a softball game at 6 in Chintimini Park just up the street. This allowed for Karen and Russ to even stop by with Elise (who dances great to M.J. Thriller). Danielle and Scott brought over washers as usual and we had a pretty good turn out. Chris Boden, Eric Galvan and Steve Hudson from Ruby Tuesday’s even showed up. Brendan, Karen, Somes and Andrew McFadden stopped by as well. I was surprised to see Fausti and Doug as well. We once again had a bonfire in the firepit I bought in the backyard and everyone got plenty of food. Russ and Karen couldn’t stay long but I was happy to see that they stopped by. Russ is the best boss ever and I think the world of his wife Karen. I finished all TA paper correcting responsibilities on Friday and yesterday so it was definitely a time for me to celebrate as well having finished one of the hardest years of my life where I went to school full time and worked 3 jobs. Thank God for summer! I plan to enjoy it!

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