Saturday, June 20, 2009

Watershed BBQ

Layne Bennett put together the best BBQ for Watershed ever at Adair Park just outside of Adair Village about 15 minutes out of town. We went there in case anyone wanted to play disc golf (a highly popular game in the NW). When Emily and I arrived after picking up a mountain bike for our ride on Sunday we were greeted with tons of food already on the grill, people shucking oysters and everyone playing various games such as Ladder ball, frisbee sticks, and washers. Doug of course was manning the grill because he’s the grill master and there were various side dishes including Biniam’s famous bbq pork stew stuff. There were also plenty of dogs running around which Emily, Alexa and Danielle were all happy to horse around with. Biniam seemed to be instantly great at Washers when he started playing them. We ate, drank and played games all afternoon until about 7pm when it started to rain out so everyone ducked under the picnic area and started an intense game of flip cup (which Cathy’s boyfriend thrived at cheating at... :). After several rounds we all realized it was getting late and Layne had been packing up so we grabbed the trash and took off. Many went over to Colin’s to finish the night but Emily and I were tired and decided to head back to our place for a movie and a good night’s sleep before our McKenzie River Ride. Great BBQ Lady Layne!

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