Wednesday, July 29, 2009

110 Degrees - Time to Float the River

This week the temperature soared to nearly 110 degrees from Monday through Thursday night in a record heat wave. Thus, it was time to get out
the rafts and float down the Willamette River. I sent out an email during the day on Monday to almost 40 people but only Brendan, Jason, Kevin and Alexa decided to join Emily and I on the river. We hit the river at about 6pm from the Willamette Park boat launch and floated down the river to the take out just past the bridges into town. We saw many ospreys along the
route diving for fish in the river around us. I tried to get some video and pics but they didn’t turn out that great.
It felt wonderful to float down the river and everyone agreed it was a great idea. We hit the take out just 20 minutes after the sun went behind the trees and it started to cool down for the night.
We repeated this float on Wednesday as well when the temperature soared to 109 degrees. This time Dennis Feeney and Aaron joined Emily and
I instead of Kevin and Alexa. We met up with a whole crew from the BOC down the river a bit as well. Kalin, Colleen, Ian Roth, and Logan were all in the group
of rafts banded together into “raftzilla”. We didn’t see as many Ospreys on the river this time as we did on Monday but it was still a great float in slightly hotter temps. It was the first time for Dennis who really enjoyed the relaxing 2 hour trip. After we got out of the river the four of us headed to Block 15 for some delicious food and a beer. It was sure great to have the river so close by on these hot days. It had me missing Lake George and wakeboarding on Glen Lake a lot!

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