Monday, July 13, 2009

First Entry - Organizing, Downloading Hood Imagery, and Printing Papers to Read

This week:

This week was the first week I’ve really had some time to focus on my research for the summer. I spent some time organizing all of my data and working out a file management system on my research drive that I could make sense of. I started to download Mt. Hood Landsat imagery. I tried to stay as close to the same dates I used for Rainier as I could but some were a few weeks off due to high cloud cover. I also spent some time working through the NOAA Solar Position Calculator website we used to calculate the time of aquisition for those images where that data was missing in the metadata. I created an excel spreadsheet with the metadata needed for 6s for each year so it can serve as a reference if I ever need to redo this process. Columns on the spreadsheet include sun elevation, azimuth, Xa, Xb, Xc (6s outputs), Lmin, Lmax, and time of acquisition for each image. I also spent a fair bit of time printing out various papers and masters defenses relevant to the research so that I can start my lit review. I plan to read a paper or two every week and take notes on them. I decided that I’m going to crop all the images around the envi coordinates you used in the Rainier lab from our last class. It seems to cover the area well.

Next week:

Continue working on 6s for all the images for both Hood and Rainier. This seems to be time consuming but hopefully I’ll be able to get through much of it next week. Next week I’ll provide a full list of all the dates and I’ll even try to post the images that I am working on for each year.

Also, I’ve informed Ruby Tuesday’s that I will be leaving them at the start of the fall term.

I believe I have a pretty good system of backup worked out with both the school server as well as my 2tb Western Digital backup drive in my office. I backup once a week after I complete my work so I have several copies of what I’m working on.

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