Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gallery of Rainier

This week:

Sorry it took me two weeks to post but I wanted to have a gallery to show you and now I do! :) I spent some time at the end of last week and on Monday this week trying to convert data for Sky and Stephen. I am pretty familiar with Arc formats and other proprietary formats we use at Watershed but I wasn’t too sure how to convert the data. Eventually with the help of Colin and Mischa I figured it out and I also brought over the Watershed Rainier Deliverables and gave them to Stephen who copied them and will ship them to Sky. Hopefully he will be able to read the .las files as well. I’m not sure if you kept up on the 15+ emails of late last week but I converted the DEM of the entire project to a ~5gb file that Sky said he can read based off the 100mb test file I sent him.

It has taken me several weeks to finally get all the images for both Rainier and Hood from the GLOVIS interactive map software from 1984-2008. I had some hiccups and a couple images could not be processed according to the USGS, thus forcing me to go back and look for others and re-order. Thus, it took some time. I have all the dates backed up to my large 2Tb drive and have a Western Digital Passport of all the years with just the metadata and Bands 4 & 5. That takes up only 8gb for all the images which is good. Last week it took me quite some time to get ENVI up and running on my laptop but now I do. I spent a good deal of time running through all the images I have for Rainier and cropping them according to the same size I used in my class presentations. I didn’t use the same coordinates that you gave us in the lab because it looked uneven and I don’t think it centered the mountain very well in the image. After I cropped all the Rainier images into .HDR files I re-opened them and saved them as JPEG’s so you could check them out giving each the naming convention Year_Month_day_Band. It took me a while to get through all of them but I made a gallery of them on this site which you can reach by clicking HERE or by clicking the lower right gallery image (run your mouse over it to change images).

I mentioned to you in an email a week ago that based on the trajectory of the Landsat Satellites I had more options for images and dates for Mt. Hood. Thus, I downloaded several dates and after running through and cropping them all I’m going to narrow it down to the ones that have the least cloud interference. I am going to look closely over the Rainier images as well to make sure there are no clouds over the mountain (I think in one year there is so I may have to change that date.

Next week:

Next week I plan to do the same as I have done here but for the Mt. Hood images.

After cropping down the large images to the Rainier subset for each band over all the years of Rainier I have a folder of files that is under 100mb. Once I have the Hood images cropped and turned into JPEG’s I’m going to post another gallery of the Hood images here online. I’m going to do a thorough inspect of each year for both peaks to make sure I have the best images picked out. I would like to download the Snowtel data from Paradise for all years and see how it corresponds to the images I have picked out. If for some reason the snowtel says that it has snowed significantly on the peak before the date of the image I’m going to make note of this and possibly decide on another image. I’ll keep you posted on this. Once these steps are done I’m going to keep working on finding the precise acquisition times for each image set to continue with finding the 6s atmospheric correction figures. This will take some time for sure.


  1. What snowtel site should I use for Mt. Hood?

  2. If you have time please look through the gallery of images I have for Mt. Rainier and let me know if you see any that I shouldn’t use. I figure that since you have had more years looking at this imagery so maybe you can tell something I can’t.

  3. If you have time would you please leave a comment on this entry so I can make sure that they work.

I’ll be back in the office Monday afternoon next week to start cropping the Hood imagery into subsets. I’ll post the Hood gallery next week. :) Hope everything is well on the other side (and bottom half) of the world!


Jon Ellinger said...

Anne: Thanks for the update. The gallery looks like a good start. I'm concerned that many of the dates are too early in the summer -- early August is about a month too soon. Also, you need to search for and download the Landsat 5 images as well as the Landsat 7 images that you already have. That will likely give you more late summer (September) images to choose from.

The SNOTEL site for Mt. Hood is called "Mt. Hood" and the site for Mt. Rainier is called "Paradise"


Jon Ellinger said...

Anne: What's the plan for this week? Let me know if you need feedback from me. I'll keep checking back.