Saturday, September 5, 2009

OSU vs. Portland State

Yes, today was the first day of the College Football season for many of my football-crazed
friends and I feel like tailgating, once again, got taken to another notch. It was an early morning game and the weather forecast did not look good. Emily and I walked to Doug’s tailgate in a steady rain and it didn’t look like it was going to get any better but later in the afternoon the sun actually came out which made for a great BBQ at our place later in the afternoon.
When we got to the tailgate we were greeted by Doug who who was cooking up some marinated beef brisket for everyone on the grill. Kevin and Alexa were there drinking already behind Kevin’s truck and all the other yahoo’s of Watershed were milling about as well including Colin, Miwa and even Shiloh showed up! As usual Scott and I were dressed exactly alike... in black gore-tex pants and a blue rain jacket. We had washers out for a few
games and then all headed to Reser Stadium for the game.
By halftime we could see that it was going to be a complete blowout (final score was 34-7 Beavers) so at half time, already lit from the beers we had back in the parking lot, Shiloh, Miwa, Emily and I headed to the Western Market to pick up some tall
malt beverages and some more Coors Light tallboys that Miwa picked up. We found ourselves shotgunning beers and pounding the malt energy drinks on the curb outside the stadium as half time was ending right in front of state police with drug dogs walking by (you can have open containers on campus on game day). Needless to say the rest of the game was a bit blurry for me (did we even go back in the stadium??).
Next thing we know we are all at our place having a grand bbq and drinking the night away. Unfortunately for some of us (Shiloh and Emily) the night ended far to quickly with Emily crawling into bed around 7pm and Shiloh passing out on our couch around 8pm. Kelly Norton from next door came over to hang out for the night and we all played flip cup (thanks Danielle as always)
well into the night. At one point in the night Kevin and
I (the champs who outlasted everyone) went inside to watch some other College games on our tv and I ended up pretty much sitting on Shiloh who was passed out with a piece of pizza on his chest that we had ordered earlier. Finally just before midnight I had to pull the plug and retire myself as well, but not after messing with Shiloh a bit... Great first game everyone!

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