Saturday, September 12, 2009

Septembeerfest & Scott & Danielles BBQ

Today was the 2nd annual Septembeerfest in Corvallis where about 10 breweries show up with samples of their best beers. Emily, Kevin and I biked over at about 4 in the afternoon and met up with Heather Reiff and some other people for a few hours of good drinking. We each got our own pint glass upon entry for 10 dollars and tickets for beer tastings. There was a line on the pint glass for brewers to know where to pour to for each tasting but they definitely ignored that for the most part pouring half a pint for each tasting we got. Kevin and I ended up buying a few more tickets at the end but we were definitely buzzed by the time we got on our bikes to leave. There was a band playing at the festival with Julie’s ex-boyfriend playing guitar and food stands set up with bratworst etc.

We stayed until it got dark and then got on our bikes to leave. Miwa joined us for the bike
ride over to Danielle and Scotts for their BBQ where they bought the Beaver game that was away this weekend. Upon leaving the fairgrounds Miwa braked hard and Kevin pulled off what was nearly the best endo on a mountain bike I’d ever seen, that is until he crashed nearly face first into the dirt before pulling it off... ha! I definitely laughed a bit before asking him if he was ok, as any good guy friend would do.

Scott and Danielle had some great food cooked up for the BBQ and Emily and I grabbed some burgers from the grill for ourselves. Hartz came over as well as Kelly whom he had been starting to see. We all played washers and even a bit of a tug of war on
buckets (two people stand on buckets opposite each other then try
to pull each other off with a rope between them. The Beavers were playing UNLV and barely pulled off the win in an exciting end to take it 23-21. I spent a good deal of the evening playing catch with Danielle’s dog Arrow who never wants the game to end... even when it turns to fetching beer cans. Emily and I both have crushes on Olilver who honestly is one of the cutest looking dogs we’ve ever seen. It was a good day of drinking great beer and hanging out with good friends from Watershed Sciences.

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