Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back to Classes

Last week and this week:

I returned to classes last week and have found myself in charge of the GIS portion of the Geo548 class paper which has taken up far more time than I should have let it. For Geo 541 we are supposed to look for peer-reviewed papers on our research topic that include spatial or temporal data analysis so I’ll be going through all the papers you have sent me to find 10 for each the last 3 decades for the assignment.

I downloaded the Snotel data for Mt. Rainier and Hood up to October and downloaded a L5 image set for Rainier for 9-23 but upon starting to process it it appears to have snow on top despite the Paradise Snotel saying there wasn’t any new precip. I believe that this is the case for 2004 as well.

I processed 2001 and 2002 and uploaded the files for Sky so he should have all the ones after 2000 now except for this year which I still need to figure out. It’s been really warm this week so perhaps the little snow that fell last weekend melted off and the next satellite pass may have a good image set... I’ll look.

I started a gallery of Rainier Band Ratio Images for you to look at. It can be found here:

Next week:

I’m going to start spending some time really reading papers that you have given me. I thought I would have had time on the field trip but Julia kept us pretty busy. I know I’ve been to lax on this and am going to try to catch up. I’m going to also try to get through most of the 90’s Band Ratio images for Sky next week as well. I also want to spend some time organizing my files into a Geodatabase for my research in GIS similar to what I’m doing for Geo548. This will take some time and I may need some help finding out the perfect way to export out of ENVI into an arc raster format. Now that I’m in the Spatio_temporal statistics class with Julia who knows GIS fairly well I’m hoping to get some advice from her through the class on how to really analyze the data in the band ratio images in a useful way.


I saw a flurry of emails between Beth and Sky about the 1994 Nylen outline. Did you see these? Did they get it worked out. I looked in my folders but for some reason couldn’t easily find the correct outline that I had reprojected. I fear that I did it in haste for a class project and it was linked to a school or class folder instead of my portable HD and it got erased. This is another reason why I’d like to set up my data into a geodatabase - so it will all be together in an organized place that won’t get erased and will be backed up to my 2TB drive every week (I have been really good about backing up everything in multiple places throughout the summer).

Anyway, that’s the update. Are you disappointed that winter is ending there? I remember you said you were coming back here in October, when will that be? When do you head to Switzerland to continue your year-round skiing extravaganza? .... I mean sabbatical... :)

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