Friday, October 30, 2009

Danielle's 28th Birthday Bar Crawl

Tonight was Danielle’s 28th birthday. We ended up meeting them out at the Crow Bar around
9pm with our orange t-shirts on that Scott had made. It had a really cute little gremlin looking creature on the front of it. I wisely skipped the line for the bar and went into dream to get a pint of beer, quickly followed by a few others who realized where I was going. We all were hanging out when the OSU marching band made their rounds through the bar playing the alma mater. When they found out why we were all dressed in Orange they then put Danielle up onto a table and the entire bar of about 60 people and a band with instruments sang and played happy birthday to her! She was lit but I was happy to find out that she definitely remembered it the next day. It was probably one of the coolest birthdays I’ve ever seen anyone get. She better have been nice to Skeeter for putting it all together! Aaron showed up with Jason Schilling and some others just in time to see the whole thing go down along with Chris 20 minutes later.

After the Crow Bar we headed to 101 next to Big River which I had never been to. Emily of
course got a dirty martini and so did Hartz! Yuck! I thought the bar was pretty cool but the prices weren’t. After 101 we walked down to Cantina of all places, and continued to drink. I was taking it easy all night as I had to drive home but by this point Alexa was ridiculous. She was so drunk and giggly the whole night... probably because she knew Kevin was flying home from a conference in Eastern Asia (he got trapped by traffic outside of PDX and unfortunately never made it out though). Cantina was pretty much dead so we made our way to our final bar.. The Peacock of course... The guy taking our cover charge up front had a great Mohawk, which as you can see in the photo, really impressed Alexa. A bunch of the
girls in our group started singing Karaoke as usual. Hartz bought me a drink for
getting him a season pass to SkiBowl (I emailed them about him being on all their marketing material and deserving a pass... and they actually gave it to him!).

Everyone had a great night, especially Danielle whom I was blown away made it through the entire night without passing out... probably with Alexa and Amanda right behind her in terms of drunkenness. Emily and I ended up giving Alexa a ride home and stopping shamelessly at McDonalds for some grub.

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