Saturday, October 31, 2009


What started off as a plan for everyone to gather at our place and then go off to various other
parties turned into a full-on all-night party at our place complete with a fog machine and plenty of shinanigans and cop encounters!

Alexa had skipped the football game to go home and prepare their side of the apartment for the ensuing party. Shilo came over to our side to watch football early after the game and quickly passed out in our chair as he usually does, at least this time there wasn’t food on his chest mid-meal. People started showing up around 8pm. I had dressed up in my balloon boy outfit (you’d get the joke if you’d been alive during that week and actually heard any news). Emily was dressed up as a really cute ladybug that she had put together for herself after the game. All of us were really surprised at the amount of people that showed up for the party. Alexa
had made layered jello shots for the occasion which I can definitely say I had plenty of! I’d say throughout the night we probably had 30 or more people come through our party and hang out before heading off to other parties. Some of the best costumes of the night were Amanda’s flasher, Carrie’s cat lady, Paul’s shark attack, Ryan’s beer pong, and Mischa’s true handlebar mustache. I started a bon fire outside and set up the speakers against the window and the door so we could have some rockin’ music.
This of course eventually brought the cops to our door but one of them recognized Danielle from the night before downtown and seemed really nice to us, just telling us to turn down the music which we quickly did and thought we’d seen the end of the law for the night... wrong.

whole group of my Ruby Tuesday’s friends showed up and one of my friends, Rachelle brought her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s douchbag friend who wasn’t even in costume. He was absolutely wasted and was in a hoodie pissing off everyone at the party by messing with their costumes and being a general dick. Kevin mentioned to me that my Ruby’s friends were scaring his friends off and I couldn’t believe it as I like all my buddies from Ruby’s
until I noticed that kid... I walked up to him and asked whom he knew at the party with Chris and Aaron stepping up behind me in case a fight broke out. The guy definitely seemed aggressive and when I stepped up and started questioning him Rachelle and her boyfriend noticed and decided it was time to get him out of the party... this is when all common sense left the douchbag and he began to fight with Rachelle’s boyfriend in the street causing a ruckus and at one point trying to break back into our party! All of us kept an eye on things but I was really drunk and wasn’t aware of everything that was going down in the street until about an hour after we thought he had left... that’s when our next door neighbor stuck his head over our fence and asked if we knew the kid... because he had just broken into their house, walked up stairs and stood over their bed as he slept with his girlfriend!!!! Whisky Tango Foxtrot!!!! Our neighbor chased him out of the house and called the cops. Needless to say the girls in the house were pretty freaked
out by it and wouldn’t even open the door when Kevin and I went over to apologize for the party and what happened. Thankfully our neighbor seemed pretty cool about it. When I went out I was surprised to see Chris Boden chatting it up with the female cop as though they were best friends... and apparently they actually did know each other well and he was actually giving her his statement about the douchbag and all the trouble he caused up and
down our street. I later found out that Chris Holm was also in the commotion and led the police to who the douchbag was so they could arrest him. Thankfully, nobody got in trouble at all except for the douchbag who now has a very big criminal record and an even bigger douchbag status.

Needless to say all that put Kevin and I in a poor mood and pretty much killed the party. Chris and
Aaron hung out with Emily and I well after everyone left but I can safely say that I had sobered up through the whole thing and went to bed pretty close to sober. It was a great party and we didn’t actually end up going out like we had planned (I heard the other parties were too crowded anyway). Rachelle later apologized to me when I saw her at Ruby’s for everything
that happened and I could tell that she genuinely felt bad. She told me that her and her boyfriend had officially disowned the douchbag as their friend and will never forgive him for his actions. Chris and the other Ruby’s crew all told me they had a really great time as well. So despite one douchbag, two appearances by the law, Paul’s friends having sex in Kevin’s bathroom, and our pumpkins being stolen, nothing got broken and everyone else had a great time... so I’d call it a success! Check out the video below!

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