Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Hayride

Emily and I have been searching for firewood for months now and we
finally caught a break when I saw a listing on craigslist for a cord of wood with fir kindling for just $130 this late in the season. So, Emily and drove out to North Albany to pick up the wood from a nice family who had chopped down a tree in their backyard. The kids had chopped the wood and were going to use the money to buy a new dirt bike. On the way home to Corvallis Emily wanted to stop at the Heavenly Harvest farm which was offering pumpkin hayrides. We ate burgers and corn on the cobthey were BBQ’n in the back and watched them fire off some air powered corn cannons. I had never been to the
farm and found everyone there to be really nice and the fresh vegetables they were selling looked amazing. It was a pretty muddy ride behind the tractor out to the pumpkin fields and it was getting late so Emily and I jumped out and found two big fat pumpkins in a hurry and jumped back on the tractor. We really didn’t have anything fun planned for the afternoon and it turned out to be a fun one. When we got back to Corvallis Emily treated me to dinner at Amatsu downtown for some sushi - yum! It was nice to have a relaxing weekend together without doing anything crazy. :)

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