Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Hood Images and Paper Review Blog

This week:

I’ve made it through 1992-2008 for the Hood Band Ratio Images. I haven’t had a chance yet to look at the SPOT Imagery but I will look at it on Monday. Next week I’m going to try to finish up the Hood imagery and look at figuring out the threshold limit and a good procedure for exporting the band ratio images out of ENVI into arc using the best format possible.

I’ve created a new site for you to look at based off my notes of the papers I’m now reading. I have the first few up and will try to get through 5 a week as you have asked from here on out. I’m taking notes on the important parts of the papers and anything that I have questions about or don’t understand I will post in red text. Any comments you can give me to help clarify my questions would be helpful. I’m also putting my notes into an End Note file as well. I don’t expect you to comment on everything I write in the paper notes as often times they are simply for me to help me remember or clarify what I read but if you see that I’m not understanding it or am looking to try something in our research based off what I read that you deem unnecessary please feel free to let me know that it’s not applicable to the project. I hope that it is clear. If you can think of an easier way for us to communicate about the papers please let me know. I think what I’ve set up will be useful and having your comments attached will be a good way to keep it all available in one spot.

It’s been a long week of wrapping up class projects and working through the Hood imagery and papers... I’m looking forward to the feet of snow that are now dumping in the Cascades for this weekend :)

The link to my site for notes on the papers can be found at the top of my Research blog or HERE.

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