Sunday, November 8, 2009

Opening Weekend at Timberline


Finally, the first weekend of the ski season has arrived. I had known all week that it was dumping snow in the mountains but I wasn’t sure if
Timberline would be open on Saturday or not. As it turns out it was open on Saturday (but I was too hungover from sports movie night to go anywhere!). As soon as I found out it was open by checking online I immediately called Chris and Hartz. Unfortunately Hartz was leading an ORC wilderness camping trip overnight (in the pouring rain!) but Chris was stoked to go for sure.

We left Corvallis at 7 am and tried to pick up our season passes at SkiBowl but their whole staff was at the Portland Ski Expo so we were forced to wait in a long line at Timberline. Fortunately they realized it was taking forever and gave us day passes which allowed us to easily grab our season passes later in the day when it was less busy.

Timberline got about 2 feet of fresh powder that was amazing to ski in on the first day of the season! It was a little heavy but I sure as hell wasn’t going to complain. I had a Rockstar energy drink on the way to the mountain and I was wired! I was so stoked to be back on the slopes! The lines were long because Meadows wasn’t open yet which sucked but we found ways to get on the lifts quickly to score about 8 or 9 runs for the 4 hours we were there.

After having worked out pretty vigorously for the past month my legs felt like strong tree trunks and I was able to take a couple 8 foot drops into the trees with ease but when I went over
a bump the size of a printer my back tweaked and I suddenly found myself in a lot of pain in my lower back indicating that I definitely need to do more stretching if I’m going to keep working out like I have been. Fortunately, the injury wasn’t too bad and I was able to keep skiing and have a good time but the ride home in the car was pretty painful and that night it was pretty sore. I hope it will heal up quick and the snow will keep falling because I definitely have some big plans for this winter including putting AT bindings on my new fatty powder boards I got! Oooohhh yeaahhhhh... giggidy goo!

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