Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Cruise

Every year Emily and I head out to Sunriver or Mt. Hood with our friends to
celebrate Thanksgiving in a vacation rental with a hot tub but this year when I sent the email to over 60 people only 4 people responded which wasn’t enough to cover the cost of a vacation rental at a reasonable price... so Emily and I were left to fend for ourselves. I had been really busy with work and school projects so I kind of left it up to Em to decide what to do. She came up with a great idea... a dinner cruise on the Portland Spirit for Thanksgiving.

The cruise was really fun. We arrived in Portland early and checked into the Marriot Riverside hotel and walked down towards the Willamette stopping briefly for some coffee to kill time at Starbucks. We saw a homeless girl with her chiwawa and were going to take coffee back to her but she beat us to it stopping in to buy a coffee in order to use the bathroom. We both felt really bad for her on Thanksgiving... what could have happened to someone our age to put them on the streets on a holiday no less... maybe it was her own choosing. We walked down the pathway along the Willamette past a flock of Canadian geese until we came to our ride. On our
approach we were really hoping to see some people our age on the cruise as well and were happily
surprised to see several families and a wide range of ages. As we boarded the crew took a photo of us that we later bought because it really was a good photo of us for a change. We got a great table near the bow of the boat on the 2nd level and were treated with a piano player and a lively lyrical crew who seemed to all sing at least one Christmas carol. Our waiter was Tom and I swear he wasn’t a day older than 16 but he was very good with us. He told us he was working a double shift that day as well so I made sure to leave him a big tip. (BTW... two days ago was my last day at Ruby Tuesdays!!!... I left because I didn’t need the cash anymore or the stress, although it really was a good job while I had it). We cruised all the way down to Port Orford on the Willamette which took us from 4:30 to 7:30pm. The food was fantastic with shrimp, salmon, and the usual thanksgiving fixings as well as a roast. I pretty much gorged myself as it was all you could eat.

A bottle of wine and several drinks later we docked and headed back to the hotel for a relaxing evening with a bottle of champagne we picked up. The hotel room was super nice and it was a great holiday with just the two of us. Good job planning Emily!

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