Sunday, December 6, 2009

Coopers Christmas Bash 2009

Last night Colin threw a Christmas party at his place complete with Rock
Band (Beatles edition) and a turkey (which I devoured to the amusement of Colin). Kevin and Alexa got a ride over to his place with Emily and I. Before the party Emily and I went out looking for horrible Christmas sweaters but couldn’t find any although we did end up picking up some Santa hats! I was on the fence about skiing on Sunday but at the party decided to bail on it because it was cold and there wasn’t any new snow in site. So... I decided to play bartender and make drinks with the good amount of alcohol Colin provided for us.. good ol’ Cooper! We soon found ourselves playing Asshole at the dining room table while others played Beatles
Rock Band in the other room that Danielle and Scott had brought over. I had a
great time and barely even remember the whipped cream fight I got into with Kelly and Colin! Thanks for the fun party buddy and all the booze!

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