Thursday, December 3, 2009

Civil War 2009

Earlier this week Colin came up to me at my desk at Watershed and said, “so
what are your plans for Civil War?”... I said, “I don’t know, maybe I’ll go to Suds and watch it”... but I didn’t realize he was hinting at our giant TV for the game. Later that day Danielle came in and said, “Hey, did anyone ask Jon yet?”... then I got it... So, after a quick call to Emily to approve we decided to host the Civil War game of the Eugene University of Oregon Ducks vs. the Corvallis Oregon State Beavers. Kevin invited all his Fisheries crew over and I invited a bunch of people as well along with the usual Watershed Crew. I’d been working pretty hard on a Thermal project at work so rushed from work just after 5 to make it home by 5:30 to open up our place for the 6pm game. There were already a lot of people millin’ about at Kevin’s place when I got home.

By the time the game started I would bet there were nearly 25 people between our two apartments making it very cramped. Cassie, Cooper, Garrett, Jason, Danielle, and Scott all made it over to our place where I had a hot fire going in the stove and the sound cranked up. Most of the fisheries crew seemed to stay over at Kevin’s side. Mischa showed up and simply watched most of the game outside through our big
windows. At half time the washers came out and Kevin started a bonfire so people could stay warm outside watching the game. At half time we were actually up and it looked like we may pull off a win against the higher ranked Ducks but unfortunately through a couple bad plays and some week defense we gave up the lead at the very end and lost. I will say that the loss may have been effected by the blind refs as well though... Everyone was a little down after we lost such a great game but to cheer myself up I simply put in a ski movie and continued to drink a couple more beers. That worked for me... for Danielle, not so much as she pretty much Irish Exited right after the game upset about the loss... Oh well... There’s always next year...

PS. What did the Oregon state student do to get the U of O student off his porch?

A: Paid him for the pizza.

What has 20 legs and 3 teeth?

A: the first row at Autzen stadium

What does a Duck grad call a Beaver Grad?

A: Boss

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