Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ski Bowl New Years

This year for New Years Emily and I were invited to a Cabin in Brightwood, OR that Aaron’s friend Adam
put together for everyone. I had to wait until Emily got out of work so I went to work myself for most of the day, leaving at 4pm to go home and get ready for the two nights we planned to stay there. I had heard on the radio that Timberline was supposed to get nearly 2 feet of fresh powder throughout the day on Thursday so I was stoked but at the same time bummed that I didn’t have my powder skis mounted. Man, the weather man sure f’d up this time!
Emily arrived at the Cabin at 8pm to a steady downpour of rain. We heard from the 10 other people in the cabin that it was raining at Ski Bowl as well and had been all day. After a couple beers we convinced the crew that we needed to head up to SkiBowl around 10pm for the fireworks later in the evening. I drove along with Dennis with a packed vanigan of hooligans. We pre-gamed in the parking lot for a little bit then Amy, Emily, Hartz, and I hit the slopes sneaking Brad up to Upper Bowl with us. We took a bunch of runs in very wet mash potato snow that sucked and then headed down to the
warming hut for the fireworks that were definitely cool to see from above. We then went into the warming hut for a beer to relax before taking a final run. When we got down to the beer stub below we met up with the others and had another quick drink before returning down the road to the cabin and heading to bed shortly after
arriving because it was nearly 3am.
The next morning we woke up and and pancakes and bacon were cooked to much to our delight. We hung out for a bit before Hartz and others took off for a backcountry trip for the afternoon. Emily and I had not brought our skins so we decided to take a drive up to Timberline to check out all the supposed powder they got. Nope... no new snow... well maybe half an inch. After a few quick runs we decided to head back to Corvegas
instead of crashing at the cabin again in sleeping bags on the floor to save the cash. New Years was a great time with good friends but the snowpack this year in the Northwest is quickly becoming dissapointing... especially after buying big powder skis for the season.. go figure!

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