Sunday, January 3, 2010

Drift Creek & Coast

After a leisurely morning of sleeping in because the snow still sucked for skiing and rain
was predicted in the mountains Emily and I decided to head to the coast instead for a hike and then to meet up with Kevin and Alexa who went surfing at Otter Rocks. The hike was super easy at only 5 miles and Drift Creek Falls was beautiful. The suspension bridge 75’ over the river below was also really cool to walk over. Emily and I got a ton of great shots from above the falls and beneath it so make sure to click the title of this blog post for a slideshow.
After the hike we drove quickly out of the woods, almost running into two elk on the way out, to meet up with Kevin and Alexa for dinner in Newport. We decided to meet up at the Chowder Bowl at Nye Beach. When we got there we had some trouble contacting Kev and Lex so we walked down to the beach and to our surprise saw Chris, Tiffany, Anna, and Jon there as well! They had planned on going to Willamette
to ski but when they woke up and heard the weather they decided to surf instead. So, everyone had ended up at the same place... cool. They had even just ate dinner at the Chowder Bowl as well.
Kevin and Alexa finally showed up and we all took off for the best chowder I’ve had on the West Coast. I got the Slumgulion Chowder which was clam chowder with a pile of Oregon tiny shrimp on top.
It was fantastic. The others got bread bowls of chowder called Cannon Balls that looked equally as good. We’ll definitely have to eat there when on the coast again. Great find on Yelp Alexa! Way to go iPhone! After dinner I drove us home in Emily’s car (can’t wait for the Prius!). It was a nice day. It’s so nice to have the option of multiple recreation activities during the winter when the snow is bad. We actually were walking through lush ferns and temperate rainforest conditions... gotta love Oregon!

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