Friday, January 22, 2010

Hood Hillshade in GIS & Least SWE Years Chosen

This week:

I just saw your comment from last week’s blog update and on Monday I will plot both the date the snow disappeared for all years as well as the max SWE for each year. Based on the plots I have done the years 1987, 1992, and 2005 appear to be the best years for the analysis. For all three of those years for both Hood and Rainier the SWE was lowest throughout and all had the min SWE for their respective decades and snow disappeared early for all three, around June 1st (but I’ll have that all plotted on Monday).

I was able to finally get the hill shade of Mt. Hood and the bare earth DEM as well. It took a while because it was in the Portland office and transferring it down to us took some time over the net.

I am going to try to look for DEM’s for these years both at work and on the web. Would it be possible for you to obtain ASTER images for Hood and Rainier for 2005? Is it possible to derive a DEM from any other satellite data for the earlier years like researchers have done with ASTER? Maybe with SPOT?

....... well I started this post early this afternoon and after struggling for a while today with the stupid computers in the lab downstairs I finally got a quick image to show you on the right. That is the hillshade with the 1987 glaciers on hood with a threshold of .3 that I used before for the graphics in Decemeber for Rainier. It’s a quick image as I’m about to leave for the day. Once I get the hillshade and bare earth cropped and arc globe to actually find an internet connection in the lab I’ll have much better eye candy for you on monday. For now I’m headed home with a box of tissues as both Em and I have caught some sort of nasty bug.

Also, on my paper review page I’ve posted a bunch of papers I’ve been reading.


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Jon Ellinger said...

Thanks -- I'll have a look at the papers tomorrow.
Sunday, January 24, 2010 - 01:39 PM