Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Sunriver Weekend

Emily and I just got back from a very fun Martin
Luther King weekend getaway to Sunriver outside of Bend, Oregon. We had been invited to the OMC vacation rental for the weekend at only $55 per person for all three nights with meals included in the budget. How could we resist? Emily had been traveling all week to Atlanta, GA for work so when she got home on Friday she was pretty exhausted from traveling so we stayed home friday night so she could sleep in her own bed for a night.

We took off from Corvallis Saturday morning around 10:30am making it to the Tumalo Falls road at about 1:30pm. The access forest service road to the falls was gated off so instead of doing the loop hike I had planned we simply walked the 2.5 miles down the snow covered road to Tumalo Falls. It was obviously a popular place to go for people from Bend because we saw a lot of people and their dogs out for the walk. It was misty so we wore our rain coats. It didn’t take us long to reach the falls which were absolutely beautiful. We stayed for a little bit taking photos before heading back to Bend to get some booze and groceries for the cabin.

It was a very nice place that we had. When we arrived there were only a few people there with most of the others
climbing in
sunshine and t-shirt weather at Smith Rock for the afternoon. When everyone returned home we watched some ski movies and a few girls cooked up some amazing chili for dinner. At around 8pm someone organized a hash run throughout the resort community that Emily and I opted out of. Aaron had showed up just before the hash. Everyone dressed up in some pretty damn funny outfits for the hash. We also played a game called “missions” where everyone would write down crazy shit for others to do to keep the night exciting. I wrote “Kriss Kross” yourself out which resulted in Denise wearing her pants backwards. I think Hartz wrote “poop in the street” which thankfully nobody did! For the rest of the night Emily and played asshole with Keith and his girlfriend who we met for the first time. Late at night I put in the movie “Superbad” which was at first hard to hear over all the commotion and noise but soon everyone had pulled up a chair to watch it. Ben Sigler and Bryan Carrington had stopped by to let us know they had picked up two snowmobiles for the next day and that they would pick us up at 8am.

8am came around quick and I was definitely hung over from boxed wine, beer and an hour in the hot tub. Thankfully Ben and Bryan were no where to be found which left Emily, Hartz and I on our own for the day to climb Tumalo ourselves. Hartz picked up
his friend Kelly and we all spent the early afternoon climbing and skiing Tumalo... in about 5 inches of fresh powder.... yup... even though it was pouring all night at Sunriver and looked terrible we were pleasantly surprised on the way up Cascade Lakes Highway to see it all turn to snow! It only took us about an hour and a half to get to the top of Tumalo and the bowl was way to cloudy with no visibility to ski so we decided to just ski back down through the trees. Kelly was super nice and I think she may join me on my planned ascent of the Grand Teton later this summer. At the top of Tumalo Hartz had a tin of sardines as usual and invited me to try one... I finally did... and loved it! All my times of making fun of Hartz for his sardines are over with as I will now carry a tin myself to the top. The descent down the mountain in my BD Voodoo
skis was amazing and I planned on trying out my fat Megawatts the next day. Back at the parking lot we found Ben and Bryan with the snowmobiles and they said it didn’t work out as the snow was too heavy and wet causing the sleds to get stuck if they took them off the established tracks. That info definitely made us feel better about our choice of trekking up Tumalo on our own because we ended up with better skiing in powder and didn’t have to split the cost of the sleds.

That night the OMC crew cooked up some vegetarian fajita’s which I wasn’t really fond of so we all went over to Kelly’s house to hang out with them for a bit. (BTW, there were over 20+ OSU houses in Sunriver this past weekend of various groups and departments). We played Apples To Apples with them for a while and I was told to help myself to the lamb skewers they had made for dinner which were delicious. There were dogs everywhere in the house, the cutest being a 2 month old golden named Bodie. I played with the dogs so much they thought I was the “dog whisperer”! Ha! After chilling in the hot tub for a little while with Kelly we returned back to the OMC house to find mayhem going on. They were all playing a dual-deck game of asshole and everyone was drunk.

This is when Hartz, Emily and I realized we were old farts as we found ourselves retiring to a side bedroom with a tv to watch a discovery channel show on the ring of fire in the pacific and read. The two of them fell asleep quickly on the bed next to me but eventually I ushered Hartz
to the foot of the bed where he proceeded, as usual for Hartz, to snore most of the night. This was lucky for him as Forrest and some others were conducting some sort of Chuck Norris high kicking contest in the main room which sounded like the house was coming
down. I had set up a party dance mix for everyone before I went to bed but the whole jump kicking was getting a little annoying at 3am... Emily and I needless to say didn’t get much sleep.

On Sunday we again returned to Tumalo mountain to ski it under much clearer conditions. I had video taped Hartz with my new helmet cam on Sunday but today the weather looked a lot better so I was hoping for better film quality. I convinced Hartz to film me on the way down with the cam on his goggles. Today we were accompanied by Jen with her snowboard and Sarah on snowshoes (Kelly’s friends). I adjusted the bindings for my Megawatts and put the Voodoo-width skins on the bottom of them
which just looked like a thin strip of fur down the center of the fatty skis. Unfortunately this meant that the skins were pretty terrible at keeping traction on the way up and I found myself exhausted and lagging behind the others. When it got icy on traverses near the top I ended up taking my skis completely off and carrying them to the summit. Forrest caught up with us near the top and helped Hartz assess the avy
conditions. They decided that it might be safe but a big block was able to be knocked off so it wasn’t a good idea to do it without beacons (good idea as a major avalanche tore down Hood farther north on the same day). It was windier and colder on top so we didn’t stay long. The descent on my fat skis was sooo much fun and Hartz got some great (yet bouncy with the goggle mount) footage of me on the way down. At one point in some thick trees Emily ran into Hartz and got tangled in a hilarious mess. Sarah on her snowshoes actually made it back to the parking lot before us. Once down at the parking lot we all had a beer and chilled out before taking off to return to Corvallis. It was a fun weekend and it was great to finally get some runs on powder in this very crappy winter thus far.

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