Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Olympics Party

After an exhausting climb up Mt. Hood and ski down on solid ice... and of course
stopping at Calamity Jane’s for dinner I arrive home to everyone ready to party! Great... at least they gave me time to take a shower and put on my one piece ski suit with goggles and helmet for the party.... The Winter Olympics 2010 party at Kevin’s friend Adam’s house on 35th next to the sheep field. The party was mostly fisheries people like Kevin. They had an amazing setup including an ice luge, a huge deck for ice skating on rollerblades, a shooting range for the decathalon, duct-taped cross-country skis, and they used our long boards for “human curling” up a neighbors driveway. They even had a keg tied up with bungee cords for keg rides! Everyone was dressed up hilariously and they had even printed out fake “ski tickets” that had instructions for the party on the back. I recognized a bunch of people there including Scott, Tyler, Kalin, Blake, Megan, Tim, Brad, Adam, Dennis Feeney, Erin Kelly, Amy Simmons,
Gabrielli and a few others. We hung out for a while but I was wicked tired (especially after doing a big ice luge shot of Rumplestilksin) so we left around midnight on our longboards
and Alexa on her bike leaving Kevin there to hang out with all his friends. On the way out some of the officials of the party caught us and according to the party rules they had to find people to sing the national anthem before leaving at Midnight... which was us.... I’m embarassed to say that I almost got tripped up with the lyrics but Emily knew them down so I kind of just followed her. It was really a fun party and I wish that I was a little more awake to stay longer. Maybe next time!

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