Monday, March 22, 2010


About 6 years ago if you had asked me if I liked sushi I would have replied, “hell no!”. Tonight I found myself making it on my own because I now love it! Emily and I had
been craving it for a while and we had finally picked up all the materials we needed to make it including rice vinegar, short grain “sticky” rise, seaweed and bamboo rollers. We also had carrots, cucumbers and Dungenous Crab meat we had bought from Winco. The only problem was that we had no idea how to make it. Thus, I decided to call the closest culinary expert I knew, my old roomate Jason Killian.

Jason and his girlfriend Jen (AKA Krebs) were quick to come over and help us figure out what the hell we were doing. Emily and I found
out that we need to buy a rice cooker and some small dishes for the soy sauce as well. Jason brought all that over and we were all able to make some pretty sweet sushi rolls. The four of us each made two rolls which was plenty of food to g
o around. My initial roll was freakin’ enormous and Jason was impressed I was even able to roll it. All of us got a little more daring on our second try I will say. As it turns out it wasn’t that hard to make sushi and Em & I look forward to doing it again soon. The lemon pound cake I baked for desert along with the brownies Jen brought over wasn’t that bad either! ;)

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