Friday, April 2, 2010

Amanda's 30th Birthday Party

Friday after the soccer game we headed over to Colin’s house to help Amanda celebrate her 30th birthday which would be on this coming Tuesday. It seemed like there were a ton of people there including Fausti and Pete, Carrie & B.D., Mischa, Cathy,
Miwa, Cassie & Garrett, Kelly, Kev & Alexa, Scott & Danielle, Em and I, and of course Colin & Amanda and even Doug for a while. Emily and I were planning on skiing the next day at Ski Bowl so we only decided to stay until about 12:30am so we could at least get a few hours of sleep before Chris picked us up at 6:30am. Amanda was pretty lit by the time we got there so you can imagine how it was when we left 2 hours later. Highlights of the night include Amanda downing her twinky birthday cake, naked Dorrito characters, a ton of rock band and a delicious cup cakes! I tried my hand at playing guitar on rock band and discoverd that I wasn’t very good at it so I moved to drums which I felt a little more comfortable with. Colin had stocked the kitchen with a ton of booze as usual but I didn’t feel like playing bartender as usual so I steered clear and stuck with the budlight wheat that Emily and I picked up which was surprisingly good for cheap beer. I felt kind of bad leaving before everyone else but Em and I were glad we did as skiing the next day was the best of the season with about a foot of fresh pow on top of 3 feet of snow received throughout the prior week! I think the drunk card went to Carrie at this party from what I heard.

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