Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Brunch

Sunday was a fun day, and not only that.. it was Easter! Kevin and Alexa decided to throw a
small Easter brunch for a few of our friends. Megan Cook and her roomate Trisha showed up along with Mischa, Colin & Amanda, Scott & Danielle, Kelly and Emily and I. She had baked and egg quiche along with with meat specific ones for Colin because we all know he hates veggies! Colin brought over ham and Danielle brought some amazing potatoes which she had dumped too much spices in but everyone thought were amazing regardless. There was rolls and asparagus and of course tons of candy to go around. But
the one thing that blew all of our minds was our apparent ability to put down 18, yes, that’s right, 18 bottles of cheap Cook’s champagne. Granted Jen and Jason came over in the afternoon and helped and there were over 10 of us over a 7 hour period which spans out to less than two bottles per person over a long time, but still.. that’s ridiculous.
Kelly for sure won the drunk card for the holiday as she spent nearly an hour decorating me with chocolates for some reason and pretty much passed out around 6pm when Jen walked her home. I was able to call my daughter just after we ate because I could see the debauchery beginning. We spent the afternoon hanging out and playing cards and playing washers under the garage roof when the weather turned sour in the backyard. Jason brought McKenzie over for a bit to test it out with Dromy and it worked out great. (Dromy by the way is our duplex friends Kev & Alexa’s new puppy dog - short for Andromeda). Easter snuck up on all of us quick but thanks to Alexa’s forethought we all had a great day among friends.

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