Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kevin's Bachelor BBQ

This weekend the girls (Cassie, Carrie, Cathy, Fausti, Alexa, Emily, Danielle, and Amanda) took off to Lincoln city for a great weekend of drinking on the coast in Fausti’s sister’s cottage on the beach. They had a great time from what I heard but us guys of course
had to do something ourselves.
Friday after work the Watershed crew headed to Squirrels and then Block 15 where I caught up with them and Kevin around 9pm. They had about a 4 hour head-start on me and looked pretty rough. When I saw Mischa and Colin I was a little worried they may not even make it to our 11pm soccer game but they did and it was hilarious to watch. Colin falling over passing it to Mischa who then fell over receiving the ball may have been the funniest 3 seconds I’ve seen in a long time. After a couple of beers at
Block 15 I think I actually played better because I was a bit more relaxed with the ball. Kevin threw his bike in the back of my truck and we ended up the night watching Grandma’s Boy until about 2am.
On Saturday, the official bachelor party day, I woke up around 10am with a margarita and joined Colin, Mischa, Blake, Kevin and Scott for my first round of disc golf ever at Adair Park.
At first I really sucked but around the 9th hole I began to get better at throwing the smaller discs. We all were drinking casually and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. Mischa lost one of his drivers high up in a tree and to my surprise climbed up it like a monkey to get it down.
After disc golf we stopped at Fredy’s for some food and fixin’s and started the BBQ. B.D., Miwa, Brendan, Holm, the kids from next door, Blake, Mischa, Colin, Scott, Garrett, Killian and I were all in attendance and drinking light beer like it was water. Soon we had a bonfire going and Kevin decided it would be a great time to burn his old Christmas Tree. Thankfully, we had crazy Garrett the “Fire Ecologist” to light it up like a torch and wave it above his head like a flag! Very amusing to all of us but the surrounding trees
looked a bit nervous! The guys from next door brought their amazing beer pong table over for a few rounds and when some girls they know tried to come over and Kev heard they weren’t 21 they were quickly escorted back to the other house which is good because 20 minutes later a cop showed up due to the noise. I handed out beer steins I got from Ruby’s before I quit to everyone at the party and told them to take them home if they wanted.
When a few people started drifting away we decided to leave and head for the Monroe street bars but not before another cop came about the noise when we then shut it off completely and left the scene! Mischa took Colin’s van instead of his bike home and dropped off a bunch of the
guys at Claudfelters but I was amped up and wanted to longboard there with Garrett riding his bike along with me. I got to Monroe fine and was bragging about my longboarding skills when I turned it right into the curb causing me to wear it on the pavement skinning my arm and ripping my only good pair of shorts. When we made it to Claudfelters I was bleeding but somehow allowed to enter and try to buy Kevin a car bomb shot with me but he refused. When I turned my attention to hang out with Scott for a bit Kevin took it upon himself to literally sprint home in the most hasty “irish exit” I had ever seen. Jason said he just ran right by him! Hilarious!
After a little bit we decided to head home. By this point it was just Blake, Colin, Scott, and Jason and I walking back to
the apartment, thankfully with my longboard in hand. Scott had quite the adventure running back... I’ll leave it at that. When we got back Colin was of course hungry again so we got the BBQ fired up again at 2am for some more burgers. Scott passed out in the hammock so we messed with him a little bit before he decided to take off and walk the couple blocks home. Colin and Blake crashed on the couch and Jason easily made it back to his place across the street unaware that I had bled on his shirt as well.. whoops!

In the morning Mischa came back with the van and we all piled in to go to Darrell’s for a great breakfast, complete with a milk shake for Colin and I. It took us a while to hear back from Scott from our texts wondering if he was alive and later he stopped by to pick up his washers game we had played all night. Later on after Emily came home we all played our first softball game. We all were lookin’ pretty rough but we managed to pull of the win. Can’t believe we have another weekend like this coming up at their actual wedding! :)

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