Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Taints & The Tanks

Because it had snowed all week in the mountains it was not a good weekend to attempt a backcountry skiing adventure again. Instead Emily and I took a relaxing weekend of not doing much (I know... are we crazy or what?!).

I had heard about a barnyard party out at Jill Bartlett’s barn after “Pet Day” at OSU from my buddy Andrew from Geosciences. BJ Walker and the Tanks were playing along with the Taint Brothers. I had never heard of either of these groups but was excited to possibly hear BJ play with vocals later in the night by Julia Rosen.

Em and I were able to make it to the Farmer’s market in the morning where we picked up an awesome
hanging strawberry plant and some yummy fresh potato bread. We came back to the house, mowed the lawn and planted tomatoes before heading back downtown to Squirrels to meet up with Kevin who had been watching the Kentucky Derby (Super Saver won if you care...) and
drinking mint julips. Em and I both got a mint julip ourselves (made super strong for some odd, but good reason) and hung out with Kev and his buddy Blake. Almost immediately I spilled my drink and lost half of it which I should have taken as a sign as to how the rest of the night would go for me....

After Squirrels we stopped at the Orange Store where I picked up a Watershed IPA for Kev and a couple 22oz stouts for me to start the night off.... yeah... I probably should have just bought one. In any case, Blake stopped by and hung out with us until we headed to the party at about 7:30pm. There was a $7 charge to get in but that covered the kegs and a whole bunch of awesome BBQ food that vet students
( I assume) dished out to us. Toshi, Logan, Jack, and Andrew also showed up on their bikes but besides them were pretty much the only people I knew at the party besides BJ and Julia on stage. There was a big bon fire set up and I walked around the barnyard visiting the horses in their stable. The bands totally rocked out and it was a pleasure to finally hear my friends play and sing together from my department at school.

When it started to get a little too cool for comfort the 4 of us took off and we dropped Blake off in South Town. Seeing that we were in South Town
and knowing that others were at Mischa’s we decided to stop by but to our surprise we didn’t hear anything from inside his house... that’s because they were sneaking up from behind after walking to the store to scare the crap out of Emily and I! We hung out for a while and played Jenga.. yup, Jenga before heading home around 1am. I was pretty blitzed at the time and thankful that Emily was on call for work so she could be the DD for the night. Sunday was pretty much a waste for me as I just hung around the apartment while Emily planted squash and other vegetables in the garden. It wasn’t the craziest of weekends but every now and then I think it’s good for me to just have a plan-less weekend of just relaxin’ and hanging out in Corvegas.

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