Saturday, June 5, 2010

Watershed Sciences & Friends BBQ

Today was the annual bbq that Layne throws for all of us at Watershed Sciences. As usual it was at Adair Park and disc golf was involved. Emily and I showed up with some extra chairs and our ipod/iphone-compatible alarm clock for some tunes. The rest of the guys were out disc golfing when we arrived but returned shortly. Ladder ball, washers, etc were there as usual and the food was amazing. Emily and I hung out for a while and had a few drinks but took off around 7 with Alexa and Kevin to head back to our place and chill for the night. On the way out Emily and I spotted a young kid longboarding down the park road so decided to pull over and have ourselves a run at it as well. When we got down to the bottom the kid asked me how long I had been longboarding and I almost replied, “since you were born” but just said, “ a long time”. ha!

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