Friday, August 6, 2010

Benton County Fair 2010

Last night was my first time going to the Benton County Fair. After
work I rode my bike home quickly and got the BBQ started to put on some wings and corn on the cob. Miwa stopped by and Jason and Jen said that they would meet us at the fair later in the night. We ate really quickly because we wanted to get to the fair to see the rodeo but unfortunately it wasn’t what I expected. The last rodeo I went to at the fairgrounds had bull riding but this one was only roping calves it seemed.
Miwa had ridden with us to the fair on our bikes so he hung out with us for a while. We didn’t stay long at the rodeo because it was pretty lame so we moved on to check out the farm animals instead. I found a big goat that was pretty interested in me and passed by an animal auction where a judge
looked like
he was analyzing about 12 sheep asses from a distance! We ran into Jason and Jen and Miwa took off to find his girlfriend Lauren. We walked around the 4-H bunny and fowl building checking out some pretty cool rabbits. My favorite was one that had a particularly furry face. From there we walked past the animal show again but this time there was a guy in a fat suit for some reason and another kid had his brother on a leash and muzzled! What was going on at this fair!?
Upon Jason’s suggestion we went into the reptile zoo building to check out a ton of cool snakes, spiders, reptiles, porcupine, baby lion and an assortment of other random animals from around the world. I’m not really sure what they were doing at the fair here? From
there we picked up an awesome funnel cake (fair tradition) listened to the last set by the 80’s hair band “Guess Who” and then moved on to the rides... Emily and I picked up enough tickets to ride about 4 rides. We started right off on the Orbiter (the craziest one) and both got a little sick
from it. Emily rode with Jen while I had my own cart. As typical at the fair the carnies barely checked that our safety bars were down! We rode a few more rides and Jason even joined me for the last one while Emily waited with Jen a little sick. We left the fair at around 11pm to go back and hang out with Dromi who we were taking care of for the weekend. It was a fun fair and I’ll probably go again next year if I’m in town that weekend.

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