Saturday, August 7, 2010

Emily Discovers Black Rock

Today I took Emily for her first ride down the Bonzai Downhill trail at Black Rock near Falls City, OR. I hadn’t been to Black Rock in over two years and I was shocked by how much work they had put into it. It literally has become a terrain park for crazy mountain bikers. Emily and I ended up riding up next to a guy who was walking his huge downhill rig up the road to the top. He gave us some pointers and told us which trails would be best for us. The Bonzai Downhill route is the easiest but even it has lots of wooden bridges, drops, jumps etc and was challenging for Emily who did just fine on them, although she was nervous at first. She even ended up doing her first see-saw obstacle! That rock face Emily is in front of is about a 15 foot drop for experts. It’s crazy! Check out the photo below which I’ll leave big for you to scan with your eyes. It’s a 10 foot high “step-up” over a 10 foot gap to a flat bridge that curves around and then ends with a 15 foot road gap over where Emily and I are headed up the road. It’s absolutely nuts! I can’t believe locals do this stuff. I’d love to be there to see someone do it someday!

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