Thursday, August 5, 2010

My First Corvallis Knights Game

Tonight I went to my first Corvallis Knights game with Kevin, Alexa, Emily and
Mischa. The Knights destroyed the other team called the Dukes from Portland. The Block 15 beer was great and the hot dogs are always an essential item at a ball game. It was fun to watch the game but the best part of the night was the Brett Michaels-looking dude that was playing guitar and did the National Anthem. We spent half the game trying to figure out if it was his real hair and tatoos until one of Kevin’s friends asked and found out that he was a balding singing telegram guy and this costume gig was just a side thing for him! ha! He really did pull off the rocker look well though. When it hit the 8th inning and the raffle was over without any of us winning the girls were beginning to shake from the cold night air so we left. Good times!

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