Saturday, September 25, 2010

Septembeerfest 2010

Chris and I both rode our bikes down to the Fall Festival in Central Park to check out the local artists. As usual there were only a few places I cared to stop and look at and i grabbed business cards from the artists and photographers I was really blown away by. Once again, upon looking at the photographs from the artists it was clear to me that with a good camera I could also capture amazing scenes. A lot of the photos from the various artists where from the same touristy areas like Multnomah Falls or the coast. I think that I could snap some really great photos from unknown places in the Northwest that I travel through for my climbs. We were only there for about an hour but it definitely served as another reason for Emily and I to get a nice camera perhaps at Christmas.

We then rode our bikes over to the fairgrounds for Septembeerfest. Like last year there were a ton of breweries there along with the new Flat Tail Brewery that took over the Fox & Firkin building. There was a girl serving up beer there that was basically taking two beer cap tokens instead of the usual 4 and pouring us nearly full pints of beer. That place definitely has my business from now on! At first Chris and I didn’t see anyone we knew but after about an hour we met up probably 20-25 friends. My original plan was to drink some beer then head to Danielle’s to watch the Beaver Game but there were so many people at Septemberfest I wanted to catch up with that I didn’t end up leaving until 10pm when it closed down! Because I only kept going back to the Flat Tail girl I didn’t end up spending much money either thankfully! The saddest/funniest part of the night was helping Kelly Rice hobble around with her screwed up achilles tendon she busted while running. We were able to fit her with a makeshift pint holder on one of her crutches! After beerfest I decided to just head home and chill for the night.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Crab Feast #2 & Beaver Game

Once again Tim and Kevin came home from fishing with buckets of huge d
ungenous crabs! They said there were so many that once again they got to pick and choose the biggest ones to take home. They also came home with about 15 rockfish which Kevin had to fillet for a couple hours while Tim looked on to learn. Both of them were thoroughly exhausted and I especially felt bad for Kevin who had to get up early and move his truck to the tailgating spot on campus for the opening home game in the morning. We also had the chaos of Fausti’s dog Riffle running havoc in the backyard with Dromi.
We all pitched in and cleaned the crabs in the car port with the car lights on our work area and also ate out there to keep the seafood smell out of the house. I ate until I couldn’t fit any more crab in my stomach then we watched
a bit of BBC life as usual when Tim and Lindsay stop by. Great night before the football game!

Check out the crazy small claw growing back on the crab in the top photo and the size of the one that I’m about to rip the shell off of on our wood chopping block!

The Beaver game was a lot of fun. We have a new tailgating spot closer to the stadium as our old spot now has a building there! Doug as usual had a great Tri-tip steak on the grill and Kevin had moved his truck there in the night to keep stuff in the back locked up during the game.
We also brought the left over crab to eat which of course I dug into once again. Scott had the washers out as usual as well. Alexa ended up giving Emily her ticket as she had to stay home to watch Riffle for the afternoon. Neither her nor Kevin got any sleep because the two dogs were going crazy playing with each other all night. Riffle is still a puppy so it’s totally understandable, plus being a golden makes her crazy as well. We ended up beating Louiseville 35-28 in a pretty fun game to watch. After the game we all went back for a relaxing movie and chill night.