Saturday, September 25, 2010

Septembeerfest 2010

Chris and I both rode our bikes down to the Fall Festival in Central Park to check out the local artists. As usual there were only a few places I cared to stop and look at and i grabbed business cards from the artists and photographers I was really blown away by. Once again, upon looking at the photographs from the artists it was clear to me that with a good camera I could also capture amazing scenes. A lot of the photos from the various artists where from the same touristy areas like Multnomah Falls or the coast. I think that I could snap some really great photos from unknown places in the Northwest that I travel through for my climbs. We were only there for about an hour but it definitely served as another reason for Emily and I to get a nice camera perhaps at Christmas.

We then rode our bikes over to the fairgrounds for Septembeerfest. Like last year there were a ton of breweries there along with the new Flat Tail Brewery that took over the Fox & Firkin building. There was a girl serving up beer there that was basically taking two beer cap tokens instead of the usual 4 and pouring us nearly full pints of beer. That place definitely has my business from now on! At first Chris and I didn’t see anyone we knew but after about an hour we met up probably 20-25 friends. My original plan was to drink some beer then head to Danielle’s to watch the Beaver Game but there were so many people at Septemberfest I wanted to catch up with that I didn’t end up leaving until 10pm when it closed down! Because I only kept going back to the Flat Tail girl I didn’t end up spending much money either thankfully! The saddest/funniest part of the night was helping Kelly Rice hobble around with her screwed up achilles tendon she busted while running. We were able to fit her with a makeshift pint holder on one of her crutches! After beerfest I decided to just head home and chill for the night.

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