Monday, October 18, 2010

Awesome Stick Bug

Back at my mom’s house after Kim’s wedding I
found a stick bug on the front porch while trimming the hedges. I never realized it but there seem to definitely be a lot cooler insects and more of them in the Northeast than in the Northwest. I haven’t seen a stick bug in about 10 years so it was cool to find a really big one.

While home with mom I mainly just chilled out and relaxed but I also helped with some chores that she had. To me they didn’t take long at all but to her they were big deals so I’m glad I was able to help. She shared with me all the family photos she had taken at Marion Louvet’s of the Wilcox heritage. She did a great job taking photos and documenting all that she heard. That, combined with Audrey’s work on my dad side, I can now trace both sides of my family accurately back to Europe.

On Tuesday I drove to Logan Airport in Boston to pick up the rental car I would have for the rest of the trip. It was good to be home and see Lake George again. It was also good to stop at all my favorite eats like Mr. B’s Best and Talk of The Town Pizzeria. :)

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