Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kim & Matt's Wedding

Emily and I flew home for two weddings and to see my daughter Ellie for a few days and on her birthday. Unfortunately
we only saw each other for the weddings and the rest of the time I spent driving around the Northeast visiting old friends and seeing my daughter. I flew into Albany on a redeye Thursday morning then spent a couple days with my mom and visiting Kenny before driving my mom’s car 3 hours up to Malone, NY for a wedding, then drove back on Sunday. On Tuesday mom mom and I drove 3 hours to Boston to pick up a rental car at Logan for me so I could visit friends and drive everywhere I need to without relying on public transportation. From there I visited a few friends then drove to Greenwhich, CT for several days before driving to Portland, ME for Emily’s brother’s wedding. After the wedding I again drove 5 hours back to Greenwich,
CT for Ellie’s birthday and then had to drive back to Boston 3 hours on Monday to get our flight home. Total hours of driving for the “vacation” was 35+.
The first wedding
was Kim Sherwin’s and Matt Jones (not the Matt Jones I grew up with). The Wedding was in Malone, NY, which apparently is half owned by Kim’s brother (he owns several businesses and the hotel we stayed in). It was a Catholic wedding which I’m not used to so I simply didn’t partake in communion with the others and was a little confused by the kneeling platform under the pew! It was a
nice ceremony and the reception back at a restaurant near the hotel was really fun. Emily looked gorgeous and I must say I looked pretty good myself in my new suit! For the first dance Kim and Matt and the rest of the wedding party broke into a suite 90’s r&b mix during the middle of the slow song then returned to the slow song after. It was awesome, and although only half the wedding party was there to
practice it from what I heard they pulled it off pretty well. The rest of the night was a little foggy for me as Emily’s father found out the bar at the reception had Sam Adams Cherry Wheat (one of his favorites) and I was pretty much matching the drinks with him as usual. I’m a horrible dancer so at weddings I always need to get liquored up a bit before I loosen up. Well, I may have taken it a little too far as I ended up wandering off in the night on a “spirit quest” of sorts to check out the stars in the far north. By the time I got back I had found out that our hotel room had been lost somehow and we had to stay in a room with “water damage” without any sheet s on the bed. It would have really sucked if I hadn’t been so darn knackered. Obviously the reception was a
great time and I enjoyed seeing all of Emily’s
friends again like Nick Poleto, Nick Groff, and Chris Deschamps and all her soccer team friends as usual.
I’ll be honest when I say getting up in the morning to drive back was rough.. really rough. When I wandered out of the room Kim and Matt (the newlyweds) were there with their parents and Emily’s parents who all got a kick out of the way I looked. Emily offered to ride with me back to Lake George and I suggested we drive back via the High Peaks so I could check them out after 4 years of being away from them. Emily’s parents had driven up that way on Friday and had driven through a pretty good snowstorm that dumped over 6 inches on the road. I heard on the radio that Vermont got 22”! Winter is here! Hooray! If only I had my skis and some time I would have hit up Jay Peak. The drive back was beautiful and I stopped to show Emily’s parents all
my secret photo spots like the Adirondak Loj road with views towards Colden and Algonquin and the Ausable Golf Club with a fantastic view of Giant Mountain with its slides covered in white snow from the storm. The clouds broke just as we entered the high peaks region and we were able to get some great shots. We also stopped for lunch a little eatery in Keene where I got a couple good shots of the beautiful Ausable River. Before we left the region we stopped at Roaring Brooke Falls as well on Rte. 73. I must say that of all the
I’ve visited the Northeast after moving out to Oregon I haven’t been back in the fall and the sheer beauty of all the colors and the crisp cold air of the high peaks made me miss the Northeast for the first time in a long time….

When we got back to Lake George we picked up my mom and had a really great dinner at the Log Jam before Emily joined her parents and headed off to Granby, CT where they live. I wouldn’t see her again for a week until her brother’s wedding. I’m glad that her parents and my mom get along so well. It’s very true that absence makes the heart grow fonder because I sure missed her as I drove all around the Northeast the next 5 days.

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