Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Visiting Jonny Hughs & Nat & Katie

I was able to visit Jonny Hughes after picking up my rental car at Logan Airport on Tuesday night. He was able to get out of work early so we met at the Sunset Bar and Grill in Allston. The bar was amazing with something like 100+ beers on tap and many others in bottles! Jonny definitely knows my type of bar! He’s doing really well for himself in graphic design and may be helping out a snowboard company with their promotional material. A short while later his brother showed up for dinner along with Jonny’s girlfriend of several years. She seemed really nice and I’m totally happy for him. I told him all about the Northwest and his eyes seemed to light up with everything I said. He told me he had never been to the Rockies or the west and was worried that if he visited he might not return home. I told him he was probably right as that is exactly what happened to me! After catching up, a great dinner, and a few more wonderful beers I had to leave to head to Katie and Nat’s new home.

It only took me about 45 minutes to get to their new place in Sterling, MA. It was so great to see them both and they seemed genuinely happy! The last time I saw them was at their wedding several years ago. They have a beautiful new home in a nice community and were one of the few residents to get a nice back porch and upper balcony off the kitchen. Nat and Katie had spent nearly a year building an entertainment room in the basement (he’s just like me with media and loud speakers). They had put sound proofing goo into the walls so that he could turn up the bass all the way to 11 and the neighbors couldn’t even hear it! Pretty amazing. I learned that both of them had lost their jobs around the same time period over a year ago but both seem happy in their new jobs, especially Nat who seems to have some really big ideas for his company that Katie is pushing him to explore. I see the two of them really going places. Before we knew it the clock read midnight so I told them we should all get some sleep because they had work early in the morning. They put me up in their guest bedroom which was beautiful decorated and fully furnished. In the morning we had some eggs and coffee and I took off around 8:30-9am to head towards Emily’s and then to see my daughter in Greenwich. I’m so glad that I was able to see Kenny, Jonny, Nat & Katie all in this trip. I had really wanted to see Logan and Jacquie and their kid but wasn’t able to pull it off, although I did find out they are expecting another child (the Jones family just keeps growing!).

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