Friday, October 15, 2010

Visiting Kenny

It’s been a long time since I have seen Kenny Wilhelm. I think the last time was when Emily and I visited him during Christmas in 2007 at his Blue 82, the bar he works at in downtown Albany. Kenny is the head chef there at the bar and apparently enjoys working there. His bosses are young guys who he is friends with and he works with a crew of gorgeous young waitresses who apparently love to dish out hugs to him, so it makes sense he likes it!

When I got there we hung out in his apartment pre-gaming for the night, the only way Kenny knows how to pre-game…. We then took a cab with the most racist, terrifying cabby I’ve ever come across. At one point he rolled down the window and screamed a black guy crossing the road! I was happy to get the hell out of the car when we got to the bar.

Kenny’s bar is pretty much a techno jammin’-fist-pumpin’-only liquour serving-jersey shore type bar that I’m no longer used to living in little Corvallis with our micro-brew serving dive bars and stuff. Thus, I was completely out of my element trying to talk to the multitude of guys in suits trying to get laid. For that type of atmosphere I’d say the bar was pretty kick-ass and the owners are super cool guys. It just wasn’t my type of bar cause I’m now used to acoustic guitar and sippin’ a nice locally brewed stout nowadays. As usual, Kenny put everything on his tab and we got pretty messed up. By the time we got back to his place it was about 2am and he thought it was best to order Chinese food and watch a movie! What a life! We chowed down and my eyelids were getting heavy but I managed to stay awake long enough to see Kenny passed out in the recliner next to the couch snoring like buffalo!

The next day I thanked Kenny for taking me out and told him it was good to see him. He replied that the West has made me weak…. So I posted this picture I took of him passed out on facebook with my foot in his face and asked the question myself… who really got weak over the years??? Hahaha. Miss ya Kenny!

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