Saturday, November 13, 2010

Football & Board Games

Today Emily and I joined her co-workers Tim and Steven for the Cougars vs. Beavers football game for Dad’s Weekend. Stephen had bought the tickets which was super nice. We met him at the Hilton where we got a couple drinks and a hot dog before the game. We got to the stadium 20 minutes early so we were actually able to watch the opening of the game and the fireworks which we had never seen before because we usually tailgate too long.
The game was absolutely terrible. We should have killed Washington but instead our defense completely collapsed and they were up by 3 touchdowns by the half. We could see Kev and the other guys/gals in the student section just next to us and they looked disappointed as well. In fact, they didn’t even return for the 2nd half! It was clear by the end of the game that there was no chance and when they scored again we left with a few minutes left to bike home after thanking Steve for the tickets.

That evening everyone (BD, Carrie, Tim, Lindsay, Scott, Danielle, Kev, Lexa, Cathy) came over to our side to watch a few more football games and then to play drinking games and board games for the remainder of the night. I baked a lemon supreme cake, Alexa made her awesome chicken and rice and Carrie even brought over some great Guinness ice cream she had made. We had a really fun time and the only issue that came up was a bad round of hiccups for Kevin and Tim... and a rough night for Kevin at the end... Good times with good friends.

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