Sunday, November 28, 2010


When Emily and I got back from a long wintery drive over the pass Kevin and Alexa invited us over to Tim’s as we were unpacking for a “Friendsgiving” dinner. Who could turn down another meal of delicious turkey and fixings?? Of course we went. We had just enough time to unpack and clean ourselves up a bit before heading over for dinner. Tim had cooked a sweet ham and there was plenty to go around. There was about 10-12 of us at the table including Loomis and Amy Joe, Tim’s neighbors upstairs and Mischa & his new interest Erin. With my reputation as the endless stomach (I will change this after New Years) everyone was encouraging me to take seconds and thirds, amused by my ability to put down so much! A trip to the store was made for more wine and everyone had a great night. Thanks Tim and Lindsay!

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