Sunday, November 21, 2010

USC Football Game and First Day Skiing

This weekend was fun.
We went to the OSU vs. USC game Saturday night after a day of relaxin’ at home. We almost didn’t go but found some tickets last moment and it was a night game with good weather so we decided to check it out. USC is always ranked higher than the Beavers but we always seem to do well against them at home and Saturday night was no exception. By half time we were up over 20 points and in the
2nd half we sealed the deal with a win. At half time Emily and Danielle found some orange towels that someone had been giving out and brought them to the game. Scott and I were cracking up as the two girls were leaning over
the wall in the student section to not-so-steathily swipe at the heads of people passing by, many who clearly saw them and looked back in confusion. It was just a towel after all and most people were too drunk to care :). Doug as usual had a great tailgate going in a nearby parking lot. After the game we went back to our place to watch a movie with friends.

Sunday was our first day on the slopes at Timberline. I have been so excited to get out skiing this year and the snow has been dumping early in the mountains but the first weekend back after our trip home in October I was sick and last weekend no one could go with us. Chris and Tiffany drove us up to Ski Bowl to pick up our passes and then on to Timberline where it snowed all day and we were able to get some November first tracks through left over powder in the trees. Some of the cover was a bit thin in places but it definitely looks like this year will be an epic one for skiing! It was windy and snowy and I found out the benefit (see top photo) of the insulating properties of a thick beard while skiing. Without even a neck warmer in 20 degree windy weather I stayed pretty warm. We skied all day till about 3:30 in the afternoon when we took off for home. On the way home we stopped at Chris’ parents house in Salem for a pizza dinner to celebrate Chris turning 30 earlier in the week. I really like his parents. We ended up getting home around 9:30 or so at night after a fun weekend.

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