Saturday, December 4, 2010

Civil War Rock Band Fix

Saturday was Civil War Day at OSU this year. The Beavers who have been having a tough year were up against an undefeated
Ducks Team who play each play like it’s the last one of the game. If they defeated the Ducks they would go to a Bowl game at the worst but at the best if
the Ducks won they were headed to the National Championship. I was really hoping for a crazy upset... but I was hoping for too much. Emily and I decided to watch the game from home because we didn’t have any tickets and sneaking in would be nearly impossible with the increased security. It was actually nice to watch the game on our big screen to hear all the commentary we miss being
at the games. The game started out with a bad omen when our quarterback took a really hard sac and was very, very slow to get up. The first quarter actually wasn’t bad as we got a couple breaks from the Ducks and capitalized on them taking the lead at one point. But, the 2nd quarter and especially the 2nd half certainly did not go our way and we got crushed.
The game of course put all Beaver Fans in a poor mood because it marked the end of
our season. Danielle and Scott’s usual solution to this is to drink until they don’t feel sadness and play Rock Band with friends. Emily and I were going skiing the next day with Chris but decided it would be fun to hang out for a while with everyone and jam out with the people who had been drinking since 7am! We had a great time and I actually ended up drinking a bit more than I had planned but thankfully their house is only a couple blocks away. The best part of the night was Lindsay who was a bit tipsy after a day of drinking jamming out on the drums to Beatles Rock Band with Tim cracking up at how much she really got into the groove of the music! Ha! Fun times, but after several rounds of Kings Emily and I had to leave around 1am to get some sleep before skiing.

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