Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alexa's 28th Birthday Dinner & Drinks

After a beautiful sunset from our office for Alexa’s birthday a bunch of us got together at Del Alma (Caribbean cuisine) for dinner and then drinks afterward at the Downward Dog bar on the waterfront. I had not been to either before and was really impressed. It was culinary week in Corvallis where all the town restaurants creat $10 meals of their specialties for locals to try without breaking their wallets. I had several large pieces of apple pie at work which was bought for Alexa’s birthday so I wasn’t that hungry and ended up getting a bowl of dungenous and shrimp bisque. Emily and I got empinadas filled with shrimp and crab as well. Emily got the pork culinary week special which she said was fantastic. I tried it too and agreed! Portions were small, as is usual for a swanky restaurant, but nonetheless delicious!

After dinner we all went down to Downward Dog which I hadn’t been to yet either. I found the little bar to be really cool and would like to go back in the future, perhaps next year when I have a little bit more money to spend. Drink specials of $2 microbrews and $3 mixed drinks aren’t bad! I saw Ben Nielsen there with a friend and he asked me about my knee injury. Emily and I only had a drink each after the pricey dinner and ended up taking off with Scott and Danielle around 11pm after Tim and Lindsay had met up with everyone to hang out for a bit too. It was a fun night and I hope someday to have enough cash in my bank account to do this more often!

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