Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dance Parties & Home Cookin'

After a week of limping around the office and being generally depressed about things I decided to head out with Kevin and Alexa to Mischa’s after Emily’s soccer game. I had cooked a batch of my family’s home made spaghetti sauce earlier in the week so I reheated some with pasta for the three of us before we headed out. Alexa and I had been drinking rum and cokes before heading out and after a few more drinks there my knee was feeling better by the minute. When we got there Scott was sitting in front of Mischa’s computer so happy to be designing a pizza for himself to be delivered. A dance party between the ladies broke out and everyone seemed to have a great time. Emily reminded me that it was the last night Mischa would have with his new girlfriend Erin so we both helped usher everyone out around midnight to give them some time together before her vacation home.
On Saturday it felt wonderful to sleep in and with it pouring even at 7,000 feet in the mountains I wasn’t too
depressed as I wouldn’t be skiing even if I could balance on my knee. I went to our team soccer game at 2:30 with Emily and manned Doug’s phone incase his wife went into labor. We did great in the game although we lost. Russ and Anna showed up and as usual she was amazing. That night we went over to Jason and Jen’s for card games and home cooking. The theme of the party was to bring over a family recipe for everyone to share. Jason had of course made his famous wings and there were several awesome pastas. The highlight of the night for me was Jen’s crazy good blueberry desert cake. She even sent some home with Emily and I when we left later in the night. It was good to see McKenzie again too.

On Sunday everyone came over to watch the Patriots unfortunately lose to the stupid NY Jets. I don’t know what happened but they seemed to make mistake after mistake knocking themselves ultimately out of the playoffs... Oh well.... At least it was a crappy weekend for any outdoor activities as my knee is still too week to do anything fun. I get an X-ray on Tuesday and hopefully an MRI once I talk to the Orthopedic Surgeon. I hope to get my knee operated on ASAP so I can get back to the outdoor activities I love.

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