Saturday, January 22, 2011

Superhero vs. Supervillian Party

On Saturday after heading to Eugene for Emily to arrange her
bridesmaide dress for an August wedding and a fantastic dinner there at Olive Garden we joined our fellow Commune housemates Kevin and Alexa along with Tim and Lindsay and headed to a Superhero/Supervillian party at Kevin’s friend Loomis’ house. Emily and didn’t want to spend a ton of money on costumes so we came up with snowboarder (me) vs. 80’s skier (her). It was easy and I had all the funny outfits for us already. Kevin and Alexa went as Mr. Clean and dirt after Kevin shaved his head and Tim and Lindsay went as Spy vs. Spy which was a great and easy costume idea for them to pull off. We headed to the party around 9pm with Alexa as our driver for the night. Kevin had it in his head to get tore up and I think he accomplished that goal easily. After playing a game of beer pong with him I quickly realized that I now suck at the game, and Kevin made sure the rest of the
party also
knew I sucked, and that I’m old. Oh well, true & true. It was a fun party and as usual the hosts had laid out an array of awesome food such as deviled eggs, nuts, cheese, snacks etc. I of course dug into a few of the deviled eggs which were fantastic. They had a keg of what I think was IPA so I stuck to the beer pig of Oregon Trail Wit. Truthfully the beer was just making me depressed about my knee injury and being constantly broke in life so I didn’t drink much and ended up going for a walk down the street to get away from all the loud commotion and people. Of course in a while Emily wondered where I went
and I heard Kevin looking for me so I sneaked back in. It was a fun party, I just wasn’t in a happy mood and I felt
bad because I think Amy Joe could tell. Emily and I met a cool guy named Steven who is an Outward Bound Guide new to OSU looking for backcountry skiers. That bummed me out a bit as well as I don’t know when I’ll possibly be able to go again after my upcoming surgery and he seemed to have lived the life I had dreamed of living but now can no longer afford to even attempt. It was a great party but I was happy when I got home and my bed hit the pillow at the end of the night.

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