Sunday, February 6, 2011

South Town Rumble & Superbowl

On Friday night I watched Emily at her soccer game then headed to Kelly and
Aaron’s place for the South Town Rumble party. Residents of North Town were asked to dress at “preps” while South Town peeps came as “greasers”. Emily went home to get changed and shower after her game and made it to the party by 10pm. It seemed like everyone I knew from graduate school was there, even Pat Burns who Emily and I convinced to come to Geography to work with Anne. There was of course beer pong, a dance party and even a tug of war which the far outnumbered south town lost. It was really great to see my old office mate Sarah there along with Racquel from across the hall. Pat
seemed to be more like a pimp than a prep with his gold chain and glasses! Everyone seemed to be there except Aaron who I heard
was hanging out with Amy which I thought was just as good as attending the party :). There was a really cute old dog that was mostly blind wandering around the house with a little doggy diaper on and near the end of the night a random girl showed up with a violin and started rockin’ out... typical Corvallis party... I was having a great time catching up with everyone and didn’t even realize when 1pm rolled around and Kevin and Alexa were ready to leave. As we were leaving we all got a final treat from the site of Mischa biking down the street on what had to be a 5yr olds tricyle.
We both spent Saturday watching a marathon of 30 Rock but Sunday we got out of the house. Emily went for a bike ride in MacDunn while I joined Mischa, Colin, Tim, Sam, Rob, and Kevin in some disc golf at Willamette Park in the morning. After that I
came home to play some quick Modern Warfare 2 before we both headed over Jason and Jen’s for the first quarter of the superbowl. Jen had made her awesome blueberry cake and there was some homemade pizza as well. After the first quarter we cruised over to Cooper’s for the rest of the game and some amazing food as well. Colin had made bbq chicken and Tim had made some truly amazing pulled pork. Jen
had a been a fan of Green Bay wearing a cheese hat around the house while Amanda was a Steelers fan with Steelers shirts and jerseys all over the house. Unfortunately for Amanda, the Packers won in the end. And... the superbowl commercials were really lame this year, except for one of a beaver saving a driver by chopping down a tree before a bridge that gets washed out by a river. After the game I stuck around for a couple games of washers while the girls watched an episode of Glee. It was a fun afternoon of disc, football and stuffing myself with amazing food!

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